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Frequently Asked Questions

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The main difference between internet fax and traditional fax is the method of transmission. Traditional fax uses a telephone line to transmit the fax, while internet fax uses the internet. This means that internet fax can be sent and received from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. Additionally, internet fax can be sent and received as email attachments, while traditional fax requires a dedicated fax line.

The main difference between our 2 products is that Pure E-Fax is used to send faxes using a special email address, while the E-Fax with adapter is used with the traditional fax machines. 

Our E-Fax service is available in all 50 states in the US and Canada. We offer local numbers in most areas, and where we don’t have local numbers, we provide toll-free 800 numbers at no extra cost.


HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is used to encrypt the communication between the sender and the e-fax service, as well as between the e-fax service and the recipient. This is important because it helps to protect the confidentiality of the transmitted faxes and ensure that they cannot be intercepted and read by unauthorized parties.

Using HTTPS in an e-fax solution is important because it helps to protect the privacy and security of the transmitted faxes, and helps to ensure that they cannot be intercepted and read by unauthorized parties. It is a critical component of any e-fax solution, and is essential for protecting the confidentiality of transmitted faxes.

Any fax solution/product claiming high reliability using a regular VoIP line may work, but you will see a high rate of fax transmission failure. The longer the document, the higher the odds that a failure will occur.

Any solution using an adapter with a traditional fax machine should be connected through HTTPS to ensure high reliability.

We scan all attachments before sending them to ensure that the TIFF and PDF attachments we send you are 100% virus-free and safe.


We support a multitude of document formats, which can be found on this page.

Yes, both TIFF and PDF attachments can have multiple pages in a single file.

Yes, our toll-free numbers are accessible throughout North America.

 Yes, you’ll need to have the “call forwarding” feature added to your existing fax number by your telephone service provider. Once this is set up, you can forward all calls made to your existing fax number to your new internet fax number. Your existing fax line can still be used for outgoing faxes and as a backup, but it will no longer receive faxes.

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