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Fax document formats

We support a multitude of document formats that can be faxed natively

.pdf – Adobe Acrobat File
.tif – Tagged Image File Format
.doc, .docx – Microsoft Word Document
.xls, .xlsx – Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
.ppt – Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
.rtf – Microsoft Rich Text Format
.wri – Microsoft WordPad Document
.mdi – Microsoft Image Document
.txt – Text File
.snp – Microsoft Access Snapshot File
.jp2, .jpc, .j2k, jpx, j2c – JPEG2000
.gif – Graphic Interchange Format
.png – Portable Network Graphics Format
.bmp – Windows Bitmap Format
.jpeg, jpg, jpe – Joint Photographic Experts Group
.pcd – Kodak Photo CD
.pcx – ZSoft Paintbrush PCX
.dcx – ZSoft Paintbrush DCX
.ppm – Portable PixMap
.pbm – Portable BitMap
.pgm – Portable GreyMap
.tga – Truevision Targa
.wbm , .wbmp – Wireless Bitmap (Level 0)
.wmf – Windows metafiles
.apm – Aldus Placeable metafiles
.emf – Enhanced metafiles
.wpg – Word Perfect Graphics
.psd – Adobe Photoshop Document
.img, .gem – GEM Bit Image
.bpp – Amiga Interchange File
.ras – SUN Raster
.sgi – Silicon Graphics Image
.xbm – X-Windows bitmap
.xpm – X-Windows pixmap
.dxf – AutoCAD DXF
.rle – UTAH RLE
.pic, .pict, .pct – Apple Macintosh QuickDraw/PICT files
.psp – Paint Shop Pro Image File
.mng – Multiple Network Graphic
.clp – Windows Clipboard
.fpx – FlashPix Format

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